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Accomplishments And Goals


Results Summary

In its pilot phase (2012-2017), the Heart and Armor team (provisionally called The Veterans Health and Integration Program) supported three major scientific research projects with 10 published findings in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

The research has generated millions of dollars in follow-up grants from the Department of Veterans Affairs.

The foundation has also supported a novel Student Veterans Leadership Council in the Bay Area, in cooperation with the Student Veteran Outreach Program at the San Francisco VA Medical Center.

The Heart and Armor team has also developed collaborative service events with civilians and veterans at the Presidio Trust.


Our Goals

  1. To create core support for an veterans research center at a major teaching hospital.

  2. To establish an Women Warriors Multidisciplinary Research Center at an academic institution

  3. To develop and expanding model for veteran peer support and resource delivery in an urban setting.

  4. To develop a portfolio of veteran / civilian programming with national reach.  


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