Honoring Jenn

Jennifer Gonzales Shushereba

Carrying on a legacy of serving veterans


March 9, 2019

We lost our friend and colleague one year ago in a shocking tragedy. (The NY Times coverage can be found here for those unfamiliar with the story of her passing.)

She was a young and brilliant psychologist dedicated to caring for veterans. A radiant and energetic and lovely human being.


It is important to all of us, her parents (Mike and Kathy), her husband (TJ) and to the Heart and Armor team to build something that serves the veteran community with the same joy, skill and passion that Jenn brought to her work.

Jenn’s portfolio will focus on strengthening the community of veterans in Bay Area schools, and on civilian / veteran collaborative projects.

For those who would like to donate to this work, 100% contributions from this page will be directed to Jenn’s portfolio.

Primarily, we hope newcomers take the opportunity to learn a little bit about our dear friend, and reflect on the thousands of professionals who dedicate their lives serving the veteran community. The work is hard. Jennifer was a rising star in the field.

Losing her has been awful. Getting to know her family has been a gift. They have shown grace and love beyond anything one could reasonably expect given the circumstances. This is a difficult anniversary, and they have lead with strength and wisdom. Like Jenn, they set the bar impossibly high. -gc

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