Reflection by TJ Shushereba


"Jennifer was an incredible human being. Kind and thoughtful, genuine and brilliant. So very special. Her heart was larger than life itself and she wanted to share her love with everyone who was in her life. She touched the lives of so many people - from her enormous family, to her friends across the country, to the community she worked in and the individuals she helped professionally; a piece of her soul will be with them always.

There isn't just one word to describe Jennifer, but if I had to pick one it would be love. She was - with every ounce of her body - unconditional love. Her love for me was utter gratefulness, simplistic appreciation, and 100% adoration. I felt that every time we were together. That connection of love between two people which holds no place in time or space, but that is just pure in that moment you are together.

Jennifer was my dare to be great situation. She was that beautiful girl that I had been looking for. She was my Graceland. We were a perfect match, many years in the making. She really made the world a better place and she definitely made me want to be a better person. Without a doubt in my mind.

We just got each other. Like we were almost the same person sometimes. The line "I was just going to say that" must have been said hundreds of times over the course of our time together. It was uncanny. But that was us. Things just clicked and we had honestly found utter happiness. We said I love you every morning before leaving for work and every night before rolling over to go to sleep. Never missed one night when we were together. I will cherish that...always.

Having to say goodbye to our beautiful Jennifer is not easy. Not at all. But knowing that she will forever be by my side and that her love will continue to flourish within us all, will provide me with a small amount of much needed support. For now and for always.

As You Wish My Love.

Your Forever Suitor T.J.