Perspective and progress without pity and politics.

Who We Are


History and Path Forward 

In our pilot phase (2012-2017), we have published findings in peer-reviewed scientific journals, developed sophisticated screening tools, developed a community model utilized by hundreds of veterans, and produced public events experienced by thousands of civilians.

As our collaborative takes our next step toward deeper research and broader utilization, we have a new name, a larger team, and more ambitious aims. In our next phase, we will

• Establish a core facility for advanced research into the impact of combat stress.

• Establish a center of excellence for research into the unique needs of women warriors

• Expand the successful pilot for community support to more urban and rural communities.

• Expand the dialogues about citizenship and service to more diverse communities

Our People 

Leadership Team

John Mayer, Musician and Founder

Gerard Choucroun, Executive Director, Heart and Armor Foundation

Veteran / Community LEADS:

Samantha Erickson (TSgt USAF), Rebecca Murga (CPT, US Army), Jack Jacoby (Corporal, USMC), Nick Garcia (SSgt, US Army), Aundray Rogers (Sgt, US Army)


Thomas Neylan MD, Shira Maguen PhD, Sabra Inslicht PhD, Keith Armstrong LCSW, Shannon McCaslin PhD, Ellen Herbst MD, Brandina Jersky MFT